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EasyClaim is a Free Household Inventory and Total Loss App

Our total loss app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile phones and tablets. EasyClaim is designed to help homeowners, field technicians, and adjusters simplify their non-salvageable contents lists. Simply log your items into the app and export a fully complied inventory in PDF or Excel format directly from your device. Pack out has never been easier!

it simplifies the documentation of your personal belongings so you as the insured can compile them correctly. Just follow a simple step by step process, and you’ll be able to email your total loss report to your insurance adjuster directly from your phone!

Our free home inventory app is designed to take away the stress of manually documenting your personal property so you can get back to life as usual as quickly as possible. With a few easy clicks you will be able to download our app, register, and begin your report. Our built in time & location stamps and eBay auto estimation will help make sure your home inventory report is documented to your insurance adjusters liking.

Total Loss Evaluation

Insurance companies make total loss evaluations based on various criteria. Contrary to many people’s beliefs insurance companies do not consider sentimental value when making total loss evaluations on items in a property. When insurance companies look at total loss reports they estimate how many billable hours the report might have taken to put together so they can reimburse the property owner or contractor. As the person filing the report you should make sure to include receipts or other proof of payments as this can streamline the total loss evaluation process.

Keep in mind that if any of the damaged personal belongings you are claiming have caused you any loss of business in any documentable kind of way you should also mention this in your report. Sometimes insurance companies can reimburse you for this.

Most importantly, it is important that your items are filed in an orderly and traceable fashion so your insurance company can confirm that the information on your total loss evaluation is accurate.

At EasyClaim we have been working with insurance companies for over 20 years. Some of the ways the EasyClaim app makes sure that you get a quick and accurate settlement include:

  • Automatic time and location stamps all items and changes
  • Automated eBay and Amazon estimation with link confirmations
  • Optimized easy to read Excel and PDF files that your insurance adjuster will appreciate

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