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Our Team

Ryan Peacock


Ryan Peacock is the Executive Owner and creator of EasyClaimApp, as well as the leader in the founding family of Ryan Peacock, Inc. A dynamic and creative leader, Ryan personifies the entrepreneurial spirit that is the hallmark of EasyClaim.

Through his participation in every role within his companies, Ryan has developed proven expertise within the restoration industry. He is a “hands on” individual, who prides himself on being readily accessible to each and every project.

Ryan has spearheaded innovation within the company to better serve our clients, and plays a key leadership role in setting the strategic direction of our now global organization.

To compliment Ryan’s dedication to his work, he is a role model for compassion. He leads by example and works alongside his employees, taking any opportunity to share his knowledge and expertise.
Ryan is a graduate of WyoTech with an AA in science and business and has over 20 years’ industry experience.

Cameron Parsinejad

Project Manager and Lead Designer

Cameron’s expertise is in Entrepreneurship, UI/UX design, and Project Management. He is passionate about finding creative ways to change industries using software solutions. “Growing up in the Silicon Valley it was all around me. People that I knew were becoming pioneers overnight. I knew if I worked hard I could do the same.”

“We sat in Ryan’s office with a white board and drew up the first mock-ups that later became the EasyClaim application. We were both excited about changing the insurance claims industry, but more than anything we wanted to help people.” Throughout his 20 years of experience in restoration Ryan encountered many people who incorrectly documented their damaged contents. This could lead to a prolonged claims process and a less than optimal settlement. Together we believe that the simplification of total loss reports will help reduce these numbers and bring good honest people one step closer to settlement.