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Pack Out Inventory Software With Multiple Users

EasyClaim is a Pack Out Inventory Software With Multiple Users for use through iOS and Android. It’s designed to assist home owners, insurance adjusters, and restoration contractors compile their own inventory lists. Our app features an extensive amount of useful features to best assist you compile your total loss inventory list.


Download our app for free and begin compiling your home inventory total loss list. Remember that total loss means any non-salvageable items that were destroyed in your incident. As the owner of the home, and the list you have the capability to add users of your choice to help you in the development of your list. Once you have completed your report, export it to Excel or PDF format for easy distribution to your insurance company!

Insurance Adjusters:

Our app is designed to streamline the total loss claim process. Once the list has been compiled, and approved by the home owner it is easily exported straight to the insurance company with all necessary documentation for quick turnaround to close and payout the claim.

Restoration Contractors:

Our app will make the total loss claim process much quicker, so as the contractor you are able to clear out, pack out and rebuild in a timelier process. Total loss inventory lists can now be complied in half the time with the option to add multiple users to document on the same list. We have to remember the emotional hardship that comes when a homeowner’s personal belongings are destroyed. By having the capability to appoint editing rights to the homeowner to assist your company documenting their own contents, more likely than not they will feel assured, and confident while still feeling in control of their personal belongings.