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Pack Out Inventory Software With Multiple Users

EasyClaim is a Pack Out Inventory Software With Multiple Users for use through iOS and Android. It’s designed to assist home owners, insurance adjusters, and restoration contractors compile their own inventory lists. Our app features an extensive amount of useful features to best assist you compile your total loss inventory list.


Download our app for free and begin compiling your home inventory total loss list. Remember that total loss means any non-salvageable items that were destroyed in your incident. As the owner of the home, and the list you have the capability to add users of your choice to help you in the development of your list. Once you have completed your report, export it to Excel or PDF format for easy distribution to your insurance company!

Insurance Adjusters:

Our app is designed to streamline the total loss claim process. Once the list has been compiled, and approved by the home owner it is easily exported straight to the insurance company with all necessary documentation for quick turnaround to close and payout the claim.

Restoration Contractors:

Our app will make the total loss claim process much quicker, so as the contractor you are able to clear out, pack out and rebuild in a timelier process. Total loss inventory lists can now be complied in half the time with the option to add multiple users to document on the same list. We have to remember the emotional hardship that comes when a homeowner’s personal belongings are destroyed. By having the capability to appoint editing rights to the homeowner to assist your company documenting their own contents, more likely than not they will feel assured, and confident while still feeling in control of their personal belongings.

EasyClaim Contents App is On Android

EasyClaim is now available for all Android devices! Click Here check out our contents app on the Google Play Store!

PR Web wrote:

EasyClaim is a Inventory App for Android and iOS optimized for homeowners, insurance claims adjusters, and restoration contractors.The application makes compiling total loss valuations easier and more accessible than ever.

It features:

eBay plug in
Time and location stamps
PDF and Excel export formats

Personal property is priceless and should be treated with care. EasyClaim is a high tech solution for compiling non-salvageable reports.

Available at the Google Play store.”

5 Ways to Get Internet Water and Fire Restoration Leads

Are you looking for more jobs? In this article I will review 5 relatively simple, but essential ways to get the phone ringing with fire damage restoration leads:

Your Water and Fire Damage Restoration Website’s SEO

I will be completely honest with you here, from my perspective, basic local SEO is something that I think a lot of business owners have the capacity to understand, but they often get overwhelmed with it’s perceived complexities, and get deterred from trying. I am not saying that you, as a restoration franchise owner, can easily replace your professional SEO contractor, but it is possible for you to get an understanding of the basics. This will allow you to save money by doing some things yourself, and to hold your online marketer accountable.

Google My Business/Google Maps Optimization

If you do not have a GMB listing yet you are missing out on a massive source of fire restortation leads for your business! When someone preforms a local search, the search results display like the following picture:

You can see that the ads are at the top, second is the Google Maps listings, and third is the organic search results. For most searches there will be three businesses shown in what’s sometimes referred to as the map pack.

Look into verifying your GMB your listing by reading this help article.

How to optimize:

  • One of the largest
  • Make sure the category you picked as your primary category is accurate and make sure your secondary categories are relevant. That being said you should max out your secondary categories because this will allow Google to get a better idea of your services and show you for relavent search queries.
  • Use a local phone number if possible. For some business owners this may be hard to do, but it will give your business a more local feel in the eyes of your customers and search engines.

  • 1. On-page optimization:

    This is a great starting point for getting more fire and water restoration leads. On-page optimization involves making sure all of the wording on your website is correct and properly optimized for Google.

  • Do keyword research using Google’s Keyword Planner tool and Google Trends
  • Pick strong keywords and include them along with the city name you are trying to rank for on the pages of your website.
    For example: if I wanted to use the key-phrase “water damage” on my website, I would include this phrase in all parts of a particular page or post in addition to the city name I am trying to rank in. therefore, I would include: “water damage san jose” in (The URL, the title, the H1 tag, the body, and the meta description).
  • If you are using WordPress for your website we recommend the Yoast SEO Plugin. It allows you to change all aspects of your page much easier much easier.
  • Update your website regularly with new content. Blog posts are a great tool to stay updated, active, and interactive.

  • 2. Image Optimization

    Images are very important for rankings and getting fire restoration leads. I recommend including at least 1-2 (original if possible) per page or post. Try to use relevant images that will rank higher in Google Images for your target keywords. Your images will have to be tagged properly, to do this use similar elements as on-page optimization: (URL,The image file name, the title, the alt text, and the caption).

    3. Social Media Management

    easyclaim app facebook screenshot

    All restoration companies should have at least one social media page for their business that links back to their website. Having an active following on other parts of the internet will boost your website’s rankings and provide more fire and water damage leads.

  • Invite your friends, family, clients, and coworkers to like and share the page to gain a following.
  • Keep the page active by posting regularly (3-7) times a week. Remember to use relevant hash tags and tag other business/people when making posts.
  • Many forget that a social media page is not one sided. Be sure to like related pages such as property managers or plumbers and comment on their posts. Being interactive will keep you in their minds and boost your page rankings.
  • Submit your business to various local listings. The more reputable and trusted listings your business is featured in, the higher your rankings and exposure will be. The two essential ones are Google Maps and Yelp. As with anything else in SEO remember it is crucial to be consistent across all postings. For example, if I use “344 6th street” as my address on my website it should always read exactly that. If I use “344 6th st” on a listing it will not help my rankings.

  • 4. Yelp Setup For Fire Restoration Leads

    Yelp logo

    Remember that it is important for all disaster recovery companies to have a Yelp page. Especially if you are looking to target residential property work.

  • First and foremost claim your business listing
  • ensure keywords like “water damage” are carried over to your Yelp page. The keywords should be included in the (title of your business, The URL, and the business description)
  • Upload relevant pictures and include descriptions with keywords
  • Direct satisfied clients to your Yelp page for a review.
  • Respond to all of your reviews in a relatively timely manner.
  • Provide special promotions on Yelp EX: “$200 for $250 Dollars of restoration work”. It can go a long way.
  • 5. YouTube:

    YouTube logo

    Video can provide additional appeal to potential clients.

  • Post videos with strong content and tag them properly with your business name, description with keywords, and good tags.
  • Embed these videos onto your website for boosted rankings.
  • EasyClaim incorporates all of these SEO techniques and more in our work. If you are interested in getting help with your internet marketing, and water and fire restoration lead generation please contact us to discuss our services.

GPP Calculator

The EasyClaim GPP(grains per pound) calculator app is an easy to use psychometric calculator that provides seamless and accurate grains per pound (GPP) calculations. Gone are the days of using tedious excel spreadsheets for evaluating the water damage drying process. Just enter the temperature and relative humidity and the EasyClaim psychometric calculator will instantly calculate grains per pound (GPP).

GPP Calculator App